Arena Towers

Arena Towers General Information Each player has a pair of 3x3 size Arena Towers on their respective side of the map, one on the left and one on the right of the King's Tower. Each Arena Tower is 3 tiles from the side of the Arena and 4 tiles from the back (the Arena is 18 tiles wide, 36 tiles long). Destroying an opposing Arena Tower awards you a Crown, and grants you additional territory across the river where cards can be cast upon. T ... Read more ›

King's Tower

King's Tower "The King's Tower is the most important tower in a battle; don't let the enemies get to it! If it is destroyed, you lose immediately!" Idle Mode Defense Mode Summary Each player has a 4x4 King Tower, located at the center back of their side of the map, 1 tile from the back. Destroying it automatically grants the player 3 Crowns and ends the game. The level of the play ... Read more ›

Training Camp

Training Camp Summary The Training Camp is the game's tutorial mode, introducing the player to all of the game's mechanics and a special mode where the player battles an AI controlled trainer for practice. After the tutorial, the Training Camp can be accessed by pressing the button with a target on it under the Battle Deck. Nothing is gained or lost in Training Camp battles outside of the tutorial which awards six Wooden Chests (one of ... Read more ›


Arenas General Information Arenas are unique battlegrounds that are unlocked as you increase your Trophy count. Each arena will unlock new Cards, except for Legendary Arena. Chests can always contain Cards from Arenas that you have already passed (except the Legendary Chest, which can contain a Legendary Card from any Arena). Unlocking a new Arena adds new Cards to the Chest rewards - none are taken out. If you received Chests in a lower ... Read more ›


Elixir Summary Elixir is produced gradually throughout the battle at a rate of 1 Elixir every 2.8 seconds. Players can gain additional Elixir from the Elixir Collector. It costs 6 Elixir and will produce 8 Elixir, so the player will gain a profit of 2 Elixir (if mirrored they will get only a profit of 1 Elixir). Elixir is used when cards are placed down. The player begins a battle with 5 Elixir. However, this is normally seen ... Read more ›


Cards General Information Cards are the only method of deploying troops, spells, and buildings onto the battlefield. Spells can be cast anywhere in the battlefield, while buildings and troops must be spawned on your territory. The only exceptions are the Miner, as it drills underground to any point on the map, and The Log, a spell that can only be placed in your territory. There are 4 levels of card rarity: Common (signified by ... Read more ›

Basics Of Battle

Basics Of Battle Summary The player wins a battle by destroying a greater amount of Crown Towers, which award Crowns, than the enemy. If the player destroys the opponent's King Tower, they get 3 crowns. The battle ends when: One player gets 3 crowns - destroys opponent's King Tower. One player has more crowns than their opponent at the end of the normal 3-minute period. A Crown Tower is destroyed in Overtime (with certain exceptions below) ... Read more ›