Summary The Shop is unlocked at Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). The Shop includes Cards, Treasure Chests, Gems, Gold, and occasionally Special Offers which can be bulk options or bundles available upon a new card being released or the player reaching a new Arena. In the Shop, these can be purchased for Gold, Gems, or real money, providing an easy and always accessible way to obtain these commodities.   Cards The selection o ... Read more ›

Releases For Community

Version 1.7.0 Update (13/1/17) New Cards New Common Card: Goblin Gang New Rare Cards: Battle Ram and Dart Goblin New Epic Card: Executioner New Arena Jungle Arena (unlocks at 2600 ) December Update (15/12/16) New Features Clan Chest events Request and donate Epic cards on Sundays. Epic cards cost less in the shop. Epic Chests now scale with the player's Arena. Card Balance Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints increased by ... Read more ›