Clans "Clans are an integral part of the game. Join one to get in on the fun!" Summary Clans are a feature where players can congregate and try to push themselves to their best potential while receiving and giving help from friends and competing with other clans, to prove their skill in Clash Royale. Once you reach level 3, you are allowed to join or start a Clan. Clans can have up to 50 members. You can make Friendly Battles in ... Read more ›


Achievements Completing Achievements gives you rewards in the form of Experience and Gems. Your Achievements will also appear in Game Center, Google Play Games and on your Player Profile. Each Achievement gives you a set amount of Game Center or Google Play Games XP points. There are 12 Achievements currently available: Achievements Team Player Join a Clan. There is only one level, which gives all three Stars. This will give you 10 and 100 . ... Read more ›


Experience "King Level indicates the strength of your king and towers." General Information The amount of experience a player has determines his or her King Level. King Level indicates the level of the player's Crown Towers. Experience is gained by upgrading cards and donating cards to clanmates. Experience can also be earned by completing Achievements. Experience gained from upgrades are listed on the card's upgrade interfac ... Read more ›


Trophies "Trophies indicate your success in combat. Players gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles!" Summary Trophies are a player's or Clan's skill ranking. Players can gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles. The amount of trophies a player gains or loses is based on how much more or how much less trophies the opponent has compared to his or hers. If the opponent has more trophies, then ... Read more ›


Chests Summary Earn chests to unlock rewards, earn Gold, collect new Cards and upgrade existing cards. Silver, Golden, Giant, Magical, Epic, Legendary, and Super Magical Chests can be earned by winning battles after the tutorial. Free and Crown Chests are available periodically, but Crown Chests require earning a certain amount of crowns to unlock. Tournament Chests are earned by placing in the top 20% of a Tournament. Challenge chests are ... Read more ›